Wednesday, December 13, 2006

94-97 Acura Integra OEM Parts JDM & Non-JDM

94-97 Acura Integra OEM Fogs
*Ambers w/ Fog Switch (No Harnesses) $177 Shipped.
*Clears w Fog Swith (No Harnesses) $167 Shipped.
*Ambers alone $135 plus actual Shipping.
*Clears alone $130 plus actual shipping.
***Keep in mind that these are used and prices can also very based on the quality of the product, H3 Bulbs might have to be replaced on some of them as well as hardware possibly. There is also a $3 additional charge if you use paypal, or other fees based on shipping location or expedited shipping. SOLD AS IS, NO REFUNDS UNLESS UNDER VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

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